BLOW MB-11 wireless optical mouse black

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MB-11 czarna

Mysz optyczna bezprzewewodowa

The BLOW MB-11 wireless mouse is designed to work with most operating systems. The mouse is equipped with a miniature USB receiver, which, when connected to the computer, automatically installs itself into the system and establishes a connection with the mouse. Thanks to its miniature dimensions, we do not have to remember to disconnect it from a laptop, because its dimensions do not have a negative impact on the dimensions and mobility of the device. In addition, the mouse has a practical storage in which we can hide the miniature USB receiver which can prevent its loss. Thanks to its ergonomic and symmetrical shape, it is convenient for right and left hand users. The materials used are pleasant to the touch and do not cause quick hand fatigue. Adjustable optical resolution 1000/1200/1600 DPI allows for efficient and precise work on almost any surface.

Myszka BLOW MB-11 czarna

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