Diamond lace M14 8mm Dedra DED1590S08


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Don't underestimate the holesaws ...

Koronka diamentowa M14 8mm Dedra DED1590S08

What are diamond laces useful for?

As a rule, we do not pay too much attention to hole saws, because they are not tools, but accessories for tools. They can be mounted on drills or grinders, but without them they are practically useless. But these lace  it's something that's great cuts holes  in virtually any material, and cutting a hole in a wall or floor tile is not such a simple task. And exactly for making holes in ceramic tiles  lock diamond hole saws  for dry work and hole saws for wet work. these diamond drill bits  they can also be designed to work with various power tools. For sale are available lace mounted on drill / screwdrivers or angle grinders.

 Diameter: 8mm

Wiertło koronkowe M14 8mm Dedra DED1590S08 diamentowe

Is it better to drill dry or wet?

Dry drilling  makes the hole we receive rough, which is why this technique only works if the hole is hidden. While wet drilling  requires continuous pouring of stoneware with water. With this drilling technique, you can use diamond drills for small holes or diamond lace  for larger holes. Here, as a result of drilling, the drilled edges are smoother and more aesthetic, so it can be used in places that will be visible. Vacuum Brazed Lace  are designed for dry and wet work and the range of applications includes machining of materials such as concrete, brick, glass, asphalt, laminate, PVC, steel, non-ferrous metals, wood etc. The M14 thread used in them will allow us to work with an angle grinder . Vacuum brazed technology involves the fusion of synthetic diamonds with the tool body using solder (based on brass). As a result, we obtain high strength of the connection of diamond grains with the matrix and body. The lack of soldered or laser welded elements (diamond segments) that can be detached from the body during operation, ensure greater operational safety.

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