Network extension cable 10m 3x1.5 Kemot URZ3086

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Przedłużacz sieciowy 10m 3x1.5

What is an extension cord and what is it for?

The rule that says What is an electric extension cord?  sounds like this: an electric extension cord it electrical wire section , on the one hand has a power plug, on the other a socket or group of sockets. The electric extension cord is used for increasing the cable range  between the stationary electrical outlet and the device receiving electricity. And that's the rule.
Types of extension cords  there are a lot, the basic differences between them are;

 According to destination:

 - for home and office purposes
 - for powering computer devices
 - for industrial purposes
 - garden
 - construction

 According to the construction of the extension cord:

 - simple - one socket
 - strip - group of sockets
 - drum - rolled

 According to security:

 - without security
 - with thermal (overload) protection

 According to the switch:

 - without a switch
 - with a switch

 According to the number of veins:

 - Two-wire - no ground
 - Three-core - single phase, with earthing
 - Five-wire - three-phase, with earthing

Przedłużacz 10m Kemot URZ3086

According to what parameter should I choose an extension cord?

The most important parameter according to which one should choose  the right extension cord  is the structure of its cable (cross-section of the veins). The most popular types are 2G1,0; 3G1,0 and 3G1,5. The first digit of the designation is  number of veins  (2 or 3 wires), the second digit is the value of the cross-sectional area of ​​a single wire expressed in mm2 (1.0 or 1.5 mm2). The KEMOT power extension cord has a core cross section of 3 x 1.5 mm2. The extension cord is 10 meters long and is orange. His features are; very long life, increased resistance to mechanical damage, vibrations and shocks, safety and simplicity of use, simple, trouble-free construction. Made of high quality materials at a low price.

 Technical Specifications:

 - Voltage: 230-240V AC 50Hz
 - Max current: 16A
 - Max load: 3500W
 - Core cross section: 3x1.5 mm2
 - Length: 10m
 - Orange color

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