180x22,2mm thin diamond blade Dedra H1074

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Will you lay the tiles?

Tarcza diamentowa Dedra H1074

How will the blade be best for cutting tiles, stone, brick, marble, stoneware, and ceramics?

Location of ceramic tiles  in any room requires appropriate adaptation. Some tiles will need to be cut properly, and this will help us properly selected cutting disc . On the market we will come across primarily diamond discs . Why? Because they guarantee the highest quality of cut, and at the same time have considerable load resistance. However, let us remember that the most powerful cutting disc  it cannot be used for soft materials. Therefore, the disc for ordinary ceramic tiles will be different from that intended for porcelain tiles.

Tarcza diamentowa Dedra H1074

Dedra H1074 diamond blade

Diamond shield  "THIN" for cutting tiles, ceramics, marble. Such a disc with a continuous raceway, has no "teeth", diamond layer  is applied continuously. This makes it ideal above all when working with materials such as tiles, hard but also brittle. So it's a shield  for porcelain stoneware , glaze and some varieties of field stone. The diamond used in it does not fray the edges of the plate, and the reinforced disk makes the disc more rigid. Always use caution when handling shields and store them properly. We store cutting wheels flat and flat, preferably on a steel plate.


 Dial diameter: 180mm
 Hole diameter: 22.2mm disc
 Thickness: 1.6mm
 Weight: 0.34
 Rotation speed: 8,500 rpm

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