Pedestal fan, large Q26A 230V fan

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 Do you want to feel the wind in your hair?

Wentylator Q26A

Do you know what the most important fans are?

You should think about choosing the right equipment, even as simple as a fan. Unfortunately, we do not have an easy choice because there are different models on the market with different parameters and sizes. Fans  we usually use it when indoors. And then we often do work or relax while watching TV. And there are also nights that there is nothing to breathe and the fan goes all night . Because  fan operation  should not interrupt us in our daily lives. If you buy a fan from a proven manufacturer, you will have a reasonable guarantee  quiet fan operation.

Stojący, duży wentylator 230V

Choose a fan with adjustable airflow

All  fans should be functional.  What does that mean? This means that they should have functions that will facilitate their use. Therefore, it is worth buying a fan that has more than one air flow rate . It will also be invaluable automatic oscillation . Q26A pedestal fan  has an automatic oscillation function, which significantly increases the range of its impact.  Blow direction  we can change by changing the angle of the head. The solid fan base prevents falling. The height of the device can be changed thanks to the telescopic tube. Fan support  it is manual and is done by buttons on the body.

 - a standing fan
 - operating instructions PL
 - fv or receipt (warranty basis)
 - original packaging

Stojący wiatrak, wentylator chłodzący

 Product features:
 - factory new
 - smooth automatic oscillation of the head during operation
 - oscillation lockable
 - quick montage
 - built-in lamp
 - windmill cover with aesthetic grille

 - windmill height adjustment from 103 to 125 cm
 - diameter: approx. 45 cm
 - 4-way head angle adjustment
 - 3 speed airflow rate
 - low power consumption 40 W
 - 5 buttons: 3 modes of airflow speed, turning off, turning on the backlight
 - 230 V power supply

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