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Robot sprzątający Vileda VR 302 157624 z opakowaniem

What cleaning robot do you need?

Before you make a decision,  what cleaning robot  you need it, you should know that there are different types of cleaning robots. Is e.g.  vacuum cleaner , there is a mopping robot and there is also a robot washing windows. If you are looking for a helper for vacuuming  then you are in the right place.  Vacuum cleaning robots  are devices smaller than the average vacuum cleaner and, after switching on, they move around the apartment and clean the dirt. They do this thanks to software that allows them to orientate in space, plan their way and avoid objects standing in their way. They are powered by a battery that needs to be charged from time to time.

Robot sprzątający Vileda VR 302 157624 zdjęcie w mieszkaniu

 The most important features of the cleaning robot:

 battery capacity
 waste container capacity,
 engine power,
 motion sensors.

This cleaning robot will deal with any contamination

Vileda VR 302 robot  it is effective on any type of floor, thoroughly cleaning any surface, regardless of whether it is parquet, tile, rug or carpet. The new generation engine will ensure optimal suction power and proper air flow. The robot can be controlled remotely thanks to the built-in programmer, and the function of choosing the most effective cleaning program depending on  type of floor , it is a great help for us.

Robot Vileda VR 302 157624

 The filter system that Vileda VR 302 possesses retains 99% of allergens. The noise it generates vacuum cleaner it's only 65 dB, so it won't bother us at home. Its 9 cm tall makes this robot without problems gets under the bed  or a low table to deal with the dust there. Sensors and sensors protect the robot against falling down stairs or colliding with an obstacle on the road.

Inteligentny odkurzacz Vileda VR 302 157624

 After the work is done, the robot politely returns to the docking station. The robot is powered by a new generation brushless motor.

Robot sprzątający Vileda VR 302 ze stacją dokującą

 Technical Specifications:
 Cleaning system. 3-stage cleaning system: 2 side brushes + main brush + vacuum cleaner
 Cleaning programs: 3 (car, local, zig-zag)
 Increased power (Max): Yes
 Corner cleaning: 2 side brushes
 Navigation system: Clever Coverage (smart range)
 Navigation programs: Automatic
 LED display: Yes
 Battery indicator: Yes
 Filter system: Efficient double filter system
 Detection of dirt container: Yes
 Docking station: Yes
 Automatic return to the docking station: Yes
 Furniture protection: Proximity obstacle recognition system + soft bumper
 Drop sensor (stairs): Yes
 Cleaning programming: Daily cleaning
 Audio information: Yes
 Pilot: Yes
 Dimensions [cm]: 35 x 9
 Housing: oval
 Weight [KG]: 3.6
 Cleaning capacity (m² / min): 4.6
 Dust and dirt tank capacity [ml]: 500
 Carpet / rug cleaning: Yes, up to 1cm
 Number of wheels: 3
 Noise level [dB]: 65
 Working time [min]: 90
 Battery charging time [hours]: 4-5
 Battery capacity [mAh]: 2150
 Loading progress display: Yes
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Power [W]: 22

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