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Radio Camry CR 1152B niebieskie

The radios are doing quite well, this radio has many fans

First  radios  appeared around 100 years ago. Throughout this time, it has been widely repeated that their era will end soon. The televisions were to push them into the abyss of oblivion, then the internet was to completely sweep them out of store space. And as a result, radios are still selling. And recently they are even climbing up in sales rankings.  Radio  not only entertains us with music, but also brings us a daily portion of information and news from the world. Radios are getting smaller, but they still do the job. Touristic radios  they are inexpensive, and their rich offer will allow you to easily choose the model that suits your expectations.

Radio Camry CR 1152 widok z przodu

When buying a radio, check a few parameters

The most important three basic elements of each radio : type of signal received, power supply, device size. Radio Camry CR 1152  receives in AM and FM frequencies, so you have many different stations to choose from. You can easily find them thanks to the convenient regulator. If you want to listen to the radio and do not disturb others, use the 3.5mm jack headphone input.

Radio Camry CR 1152 widok z tyłu

The small size of the radio , will allow it to be placed even on a narrow shelf or window sill. The radio has a beautiful blue color. It is traditionally powered from the mains, but also batteries, so you won't be dependent on an electrical outlet.


 Switch with smooth volume control
 Tuning regulator
 Rotating telescopic antenna

Radio Camry CR 1152 Odbiór AM/FM

 Technical description:

 AM / FM reception
 3.5mm headphone output
 Power supply: 4 x R14 or 230V ~ 50 Hz
 Blue color
 Size: 21.0 x 64.0 x 13.1 cm

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