Electric kettle 1.7 L Mesko MS 1261

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Czajnik elektryczny 1,7 L zdjęcie z filiżanką herbaty

The most important parameters of electric kettles

It is hard to meet people who use gas-heated kettles today. Kettles have also become prettier, more modern and functional. Their design has also changed, kettles come with a plastic housing , metal, ceramics and even glass. Choosing a kettle for yourself, it is worth analyzing the most important parameters of these devices.

The most important parameters:
type of heater,
kettle capacity,
kettle housing,
kettle power,
water level indicator,
types of filters,

Heaters in kettles they usually come in two variants with spiral heaters and with plate heater. Those with a plate heater are now more common because the heater hidden under the kettle's bottom is definitely more functional. Kettles with a flat heater they are easier to clean and are generally more powerful.

Czajnik elektryczny 1,7 L Mesko MS 1261

Mesko MS 1261 electric kettle for a large family

Big, electric family kettle , will allow us to efficiently boil water for tea for 6-7 people thanks to the power of 2200 W. It is equipped with a clear water level indicator, which makes it easier for us to measuring the right amount of water . After the water boils, the kettle will automatically turn off. The built-in lock will prevent the kettle from being run empty accidentally. Sediment filter however, it will ensure adequate water quality. For our convenience, the kettle is equipped with a rotating base, a flat bottom, a stainless steel heater and a lamp informing about boiling water. The kettle is white.

Czajnik Mesko MS 1261 z opakowaniem
Swivel base and flat bottom
Modern design
Water level indicator with scale
Filter that stops calcium deposits
Stainless steel heater
Automatic shutdown after boiling water
Control lamp

Czajnik Mesko MS 1261 zdjęcia szczegółów

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