Tourist gas stove plus grill G80521

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 A long trip ahead of you?

Kuchenka turystyczna gazowa +grill

Under what conditions will you use such a stove?

Tourist gas stove it is worth having with you on every trip where we are going to prepare warm meals. these single-burner gas cookers  they are very effective, their flame does not dirty the dishes, they are clean and comfortable to use. Tourist cookers with cartouches  are the undisputed kitchen queens on the trails. Powered from light, disposable containers, they give a clean and hot flame, and the fire is regulated with a single hand movement. They work without problems at high altitudes, but less efficiently at freezing temperatures. Such ovens are fast and comfortable, they do not require any technical knowledge from us, no pre-ignition  and we avoid tedious cleaning. The operation is intuitive and the maintenance virtually none.

Kuchenka turystyczna Geko G80521 na kartusze gazowe

Take with you on the trail - hiking stove with grill G80521

Geko cooker  powered by cartouches commonly used in this type of equipment. It is equipped with a piezoelectric fuse, so we do not have to remember to take matches or a lighter. The burner has additional tabs that evenly heat the bottom of the pot or pan. The oven has a top extension ideal for grilling

Product features:
 Piezo ignition
 Smooth flame regulation
 Heating power at 2,5kW
 Powered by standard gas cartridges (cartridges)
 Flame protection against wind gusts
 Additional grill extension irreplaceable during outdoor trips

Kuchenka turystyczna Geko G80521 z przystawką do grillowania

 Technical Specifications:
 Supply: butane gas
 Valve needle diameter: 0.55 mm
 Gas consumption: 195 g / h
 Supply pressure: 3.5 - 6.5 bar
 Heating power: 2.5 kW
 Dimensions: 34.5x28x11 cm

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