Gas tourist stove with a Geko G80522 valve

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 There is nothing like hot coffee in the open at dawn

Kuchenka turystyczna gazowa z zaworem

Which tourist stove should you choose?

By choosing to camp or camping we will definitely prepare warm meals or drinks. Therefore, when planning a trip to a tent, we must stock up on a tourist stove . There are many devices on the market that we shouldn't buy, not all of them are safe because they are usually not functional. The best choice will be gas stove from a proven company . Gas models must be connected to a gas source to generate heat. Geko gas cooker  can be powered both from cartouches  as well as from a gas cylinder . It's good and cheap tourist stove that will work on every trip.

Kuchenka turystyczna Geko G80522 z walizką

What features does the Geko tourist stove have?

Ignition in the model  Geko G80522 it's piezo, which means you don't have to use matches or a lighter. In the oven, we can regulate the flame, and in addition the oven has a casing that protects the fire from the wind. The kit comes with a suitcase with a comfortable handle, which makes it very easy for us to transport this equipment. In addition, the set includes a tip that serves  for connecting a gas cylinder . The oven is also compatible with cartouches.

Kuchenka turystyczna Geko G80522 w szczegółach

 Product features:

 steel housing
 enamel base for pots
 aluminum burner
 piezo ignition
 smooth flame regulation
 powered by standard gas cartridges or a regular gas cylinder
 flame protection against wind gusts

 Technical Specifications:

 Supply: butane gas
 Valve needle diameter: 0.55 mm
 Gas consumption: 195 g / h
 Supply pressure: 3.5 - 6.5 bar
 Heating power: 2.5 kW
 Dimensions: 34.5x28x11 cm

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