Vileda Steam XXL 161010 Steam Mop

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Mop Parowy Vileda Steam XXL 161010

Steam mop is cleaning without chemicals

Few people enjoy the awareness of daily tedious cleaning. It's a Sisyphean job that never ends. And many sure are looking for something that will facilitate this activity, which will help clean up effortlessly , quickly and with pleasure. He offers us such help Vileda.  Her steam mop  is the device with which you will clean any surface and not using kilos of chemical detergents. Ecologically, quickly and most importantly extremely effectively.

 Hot steam will help you clean  even places you didn't think about picking up a mop, e.g. an oven, radiator fins, toys or upholstery.

Mop parody Vileda do każdego rodzaju podłóg

How is a steam mop better than a regular one?

if you need  something strong to clean , you need to get rid of persistent dirt, limit the use of strong chemicals at home, you are allergic, all these things will be dealt with steam mop . Handy, light and ergonomic Vileda Steam XXL 161010 steam mop  is ... ..Light, handy and ergonomic. Its 180 ° joint and trapezoidal foot shape with a 40 cm wide cleaning pad will allow us to reach all hard to reach places.

Mop Vileda skutecznie czyści i dezynfekuje 99,9% bakterii.

Suitable for washing any surface  even the most delicate one.

Vileda Steam XXL 161010 Czystość bez detergentów

Steam level controller  in the mop allows you to choose the moisture content of cleaned surfaces that it is completely also safe for wooden floors . Effectively cleans and disinfects (99.9% of bacteria disappears).

Instrukcja obsługi mopa parowego Vileda Steam XXL

 User manual - how it works
 1. Fill the tank with water. Do not use detergents.
 2. Connect the mop to a power source and turn it on using the button
 at the back of the mop.
 3. The device is ready for operation after 15 seconds, which will be indicated by a green steady diode light. Adjust the steam level according to the type of floor being cleaned.

Vileda Steam XXL zdjęcie w mieszkaniu

 Set contains
 Steam steam mop
 Two white microfibre inserts
 Water container
 Carpet cleaning attachment
 Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Vileda Steam XXL w zestawie dwa wkłady z mikrofibry

 Technical data
 Tank capacity: 400ml
 Cable length: 7m
 Power: 1550 W
 Weight: 2.3 kg

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