Volt HEXA-GEN HEX1500 power generator

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And there was darkness

Agregat prądotwórczy Volt HEX-GEN 1500 panel sterujący

Aggregates for home use are needed?

You imagine the world without electricity ? Lack of electricity, even momentary, is felt by literally everyone. Most devices in our homes work  powered by electricity . And yet sometimes a decent storm or a gusty wind would suffice high voltage lines broke . And then the drama begins, fridges not working, central heating ovens, TV sets, water pumps. And yet it is very easy to prevent it. Just install your own power plant at home. The aggregate will power the receivers , which we care about most, e.g. central heating furnace controller, garage door, lighting or alarm system.

Agregat prądotwórczy Volt HEX-GEN 1500 widok z przodu i z tyłu

The power generator is its own independent and safe power source.

The aggregate will be appreciated in the case of  power grid failure . It is thanks to him that there will still be light in the house, the fridge and freezer will cool and the electric and microwave oven will heat us dinner. Time will make your television and radio more pleasant, and the furnace CO will provide heat. But aggregates are also a very useful device for powering electric tools.  And they increase the comfort of living in a holiday home or camping. reliable  single-phase 4-stroke power generators  the HEXA-GEN series are perfect for all this. HEXA-GEN  can work nine hours without a break.

Agregat prądotwórczy 1000W 1-cylindrowy, 4-suwowy


 Type: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
 Engine capacity: 87cm³
 Maximum engine power: 2.6KM / 2000 KW (at 3600 rpm)
 Ignition: TCI
 Fuel tank capacity: 5.5 L
 Engine oil tank capacity: 0.37 L
 Noise level: 65dB (A)
 Maximum continuous working time: 9 hours


 Output voltage: 230 VDC
 Output frequency: 50 Hz
 Maximum output power: 1500 W
 Rated output power: 1000W
 Dimensions: 460 * 370 * 370 mm
 Weight: 23 kg

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