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Stolik balkonowy, tarasowy

Are you looking for a coffee table?

The time of spring lazy afternoons is coming. Who among us does not like to sit comfortably in the air with a cup of coffee in hand and indulge in blissful laziness in the sunshine? But how much time can you hold a glass in hand? And that's why an indispensable piece of furniture in addition to a comfortable armchair and deckchair turns out to be table . The table does not have to be large, but it should be stable, nice, practical and resistant to weather conditions. It must be such a table  so that it can be placed anywhere and that it fits everywhere perfectly. And this is the table we have prepared for you (shape matters?).

Stolik na taras. Metal, szkło

Solid metal round table with glass top.

If you were looking for a table for a few cups of coffee, a few plates and a cake stand. Or a couple of pints of beer, a platter of black pudding and a jar of cucumbers, such a shapely, strong and durable is what we present on this page. Massive table  on four stable steel legs. Worktop with a diameter of 72 centimeters  made of glass. High durability of materials and resistance to weather conditions is a guarantee of long use (unless someone does not like the black pudding). The table is very easy to clean. At this point, we only sell a table, while the chairs visible in the photo can be purchased on other pages of our store.

Stolik ogrodowy

 Material: steel, glass
 Table dimensions: height 72cm, top diameter: 60cm
 Weather resistant
 Metal frame thickness: 22.5mm
 weight: 6.5 kg

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