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 Spaghetti? With zucchini?

Krajalnica spiralna do warzyw

If you like fruit and vegetables, this is an indispensable equipment for your kitchen

Nutritionists in unison say that there should be a place in the daily menu five portions of vegetables  or fruit. Sometimes we don't want to prepare such varied meals because it requires cutting, shredding,  tarking etc. The solution to this problem is vegetable slicer . There are a lot of shredders or slicers on the market, but we will focus here on the most interesting of them.  Spiral slicer . Cuts vegetables  in very long, spiral stripes, if it has additional overlays then it will be cut into slices. A spiral slicer is a device that you can use to prepare impressive-looking dishes such as, for example zucchini pasta.

Krajalnica dekoracyjna do warzyw

What will we do with such a spiral slicer?

The spiral slicer is used to make infinite length julienne strips from which we can prepare delicious pasta. The slicer has 3 different blades (very sharp and made of stainless steel) and a special place to store these blades when not in use.

Krajalnica do warzyw trzy różne ostrza

 The slicer has 3 different blades:
 Wider spiral blade - to create a linguini  with zucchini and peppers
 Thinner helical blade - to create vegetable pasta
 Ribbon Blade - for cutting potatoes into fries , carrots and onions

Krajalnica do warzyw 15414 dekoracyjna

 The slicer is equipped with a clamping mechanism, which guarantees us the preparation of vegetables easily, quickly and safely.

 Set contains:

 Brand new vegetable slicer
 3 different blades
 Original packaging
 Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Krajalnica do warzyw 15414 spiralna

 Technical Specifications:
 High quality
 Useful for decorating dishes
 It is used to make julienne stripes or ribbons
 It has a removable pressing mechanism - safe to use
 Blades made of stainless steel
 Has 3 different types of blades
 It has suction cups to keep the slicer in place during work
 Easy and safe to use
 Easy to clean
 White color
 Dimensions: 29cm x 15.5cm x 22cm

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