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Do you want to make ironing easier? Buy a decent clothes dryer

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The fold-out dryer is a great solution for large laundry

You don't have an attic, you don't have a yard, you can't fit it dryer tumble dryer, don't you have a balcony? Or you have an attic, yard and balcony, but it's winter and it's cold in these places? In such situations, by dry the laundry do you use radiators? But you know it can cause increased moisture in your home? And that some fabrics do not serve such drying? We will not be smart here any more and we will tell you how to get out of this situation.

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buy folding laundry dryer . Infinity dryer is the answer to your problems. This is a dryer on which you can dry even the large-size laundry that has always been the biggest problem.

A solution for large laundry - the Vileda Infinity dryer

Viledy Infinity dryer will allow you to hang "great laundry" and that quantitative and bulky: tablecloths, bedding, sheets, blankets. Additionally for drying these slightly longer things have a higher rack. The Infinity dryer is equipped with thick links for easy ironing. Telescopic ropes are adjustable from 186 cm to 257 cm wide, so depending on your needs, we can fit up to three washes on this dryer. Legs with enclosed wheels help in moving the dryer without worrying about scratching our floors. The Infinity dryer has additional clothes hanger and an additional wing lock and protection against accidental folding.

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Important information about unfolding the dryer!
Please refer to the instructions for unfolding the dryer available on the product packaging label or in the photo gallery above. Failure to follow the instructions contained in the manual may result in permanent damage to the dryer, preventing its use.

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The fastening elements stabilizing the dryer are not fastened in the target places before unpacking the dryer, so after removing the dryer from the foil, unhook 4 graphite elements shaped like triangles and place them in the target places of the dryer. After attaching it properly, hear Click. Please note the insertion direction of the element. Then you can spread the legs of the dryer until you hear this characteristic "click" again.

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The dryer is based on coated steel

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Drying surface: 27m
Dimensions when unfolded: 186-257 x 57 x 100cm
Folded dimensions: 57 x 12 x 117.5 cm

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