Cordite 58G225 cordless drill / driver

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Will you screw or drill?

Wiertarko-wkrętarka akumulatorowa Graphite 58G225

Such a drill / driver makes it easier for every job

This shapely tool will probably be useful in every home. Sometimes you have to drill a hole and sometimes twist the furniture. Are you crazy about hundreds of screws that you need to screw in? This is encouraged for sale screwdriver.  Will provide you not only efficient drilling , but also screwing / unscrewing in both soft and hard materials. You'll improve all drilling and screwing operations. Without cables tangling between your legs, you will move with the tool to the place where you need it. Light and Graphite cordless drill / driver  58G225 recommends all work.

Walizka i opakowanie wiertarko-wkrętarki Graphite 58G225

Make sure you invest well - buy a Graphite 58G225 cordless screwdriver

If you have already decided on our cordless drill driver Graphite 58G225 then congratulations on your good choice. This device will allow you to carry out simple repairs yourself, without calling for a specialist. Graphite 58G225 it is light and extremely functional. Powered by a highly efficient 18V Li-Ion battery with 1.5Ah capacity. Charger off function - after charging the battery or exceeding the temperature limit it increases safety. smooth speed control with a direction switch and a switch on the switch button. Maximum rotational speed of the spindle in first gear - 400, in second -1100 rpm. The maximum torque is 30 Nm (soft screwdriving) / 48 Nm (hard) (adjustment range from 1 to 20 and drilling option). The tool has an electric spindle brake and LED diode, which perfectly illuminates the workplace. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows both right- and left-handed people to work comfortably. Non-slip material on the handle, upper part of the housing and the switch button makes the tool firmly in your hand. The planetary gear is made of high quality steel. Together with the device in the set you will find: double-sided bit  and a second battery. Compliance with European standards is ensured by the CE certificate.

Akumulatorowa wiertarko-wkrętarka Graphite 58G225 w walizce


 2x 1.5Ah 18V battery
 Double-sided bit,
 User manual and warranty card

 Technical data:
 2 x 18V, Li-Ion / 1, 5Ah battery,
 Revolutions and gear: 0-400 minutes
 Rotation II gear: 0-1100 min⁻¹,
 Turns: right / left,
 1-10 mm self-locking chuck,
 Torque range 1-20 (and drilling option),
 Battery charging 1 hour,
 spindle brake
 Dimensions: (LxH) 240 x 230 mm,
 Weight 1.56 kg,

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