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Voice Kraft

Do you need a sound system?

Głośnik Voice Kraft VK 1050

How many such speakers do you need?

Sound  pub, bar or restaurant is extremely important and it is not a simple matter. The sound system depends on so many factors, e.g. the type of premises, the number of rooms, the acoustics of these, or even the needs of potential customers. It is very easy to introduce inappropriate sound and this is a simple way to discourage consumers. Fortunately, you no longer need to have large jukeboxes or huge pushed columns in the corners of the room, now one is enough playing equipment  and speakers  (even the smallest) with appropriate parameters. The speaker you see on this page is a successful combination of quality and sound at an affordable price.

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Kolumna głośnikowa 2-drożna, bassreflex VoiceKraft

Perfect for sounding any event

This loudspeaker, despite its small dimensions, is suitable to publicize every event.  Great for installation in restaurants, offices, PUBs, discos, it can be mounted in the garden or on the balcony. Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight, it is very easy to install. excellent quality of music played . Plastic housing. The movable mounting bracket allows you to direct the speaker in any direction. Speaker color is deep black. Bass reflex enclosure  lets you get bigger speaker efficiency  in the low frequency range and significantly reduces nonlinear distortions.

 Technical data
 Line: 050
 Column type: 2 way bass reflex
 Housing: polypropylene with handle
 Speakers: 4 '+ 1.5'
 Maximum power: 110W
 RMS power: 15W
 Frequency response: 80Hz-20kHz
 Impedance: 8Ohm
 Efficiency: 90dB
 Dimensions (mm): 115x245x120
 Black colour

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