Car amplifier VK 1304 900W

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Do you feel that it has too little power?

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What good car amplifier should you choose?

Each of us certainly likes to have fun with good music during a long ride. Here we will tell you what good car amplifier  choose. This is an issue that really concerns many people. Everyone wants to know where mounted amplifier , will give us the best results. Amplifiers require the right amount of "free" space in order to work well, they heat up, so they need a proper air circulation. We must leave him at least a few centimeters of free space. If you want to increase power while maintaining a clean and undistorted tone, you really need it good amplifier.

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The most important parameters when choosing an amplifier

These parameters should be primarily noted: the number of available channels,  RMS effective power  (rated continuous power), maximum power, frequency response, power supply - 12V or 14.4 V. We present high quality car amplifier VK 1304 with a maximum power of 900 W. It will give your car sound system a new dimension. VK 1304 amplifier  has four channels, so it allows you to connect four speakers with an impedance of 4 ohm. The amplifier has low pass filters , as well as a mosfet converter with the possibility of bridging under the subwoofer (thanks to bridging higher output power can be obtained). By using this amplifier you will immediately feel the improvement in sound quality.

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