Bluetooth headphones VK-450 BT microphone, microSD

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VK-450 BT
Voice Kraft

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Słuchawki bluetooth VoiceKraft VK-450 BT

What should good wireless headphones have?

Headphones are a thing without which most of us can not imagine life anymore. Thanks to headphones, we cut off from the outside world and at the same time do not disturb the peace of others in our environment. What qualities should they have good headphones ? First of all, the most convenient are wireless. They will allow free movement without restrictions.  Headphone weight and size is also an important parameter. I don't know if you know, but headphones also differ in the way they transmit signals; radio, bluetooth or infrared. Additional headphone advantage  it will be possible to listen to the sounds from the memory card as they have VK-450 BT headphones .

Słuchawki bluetooth składane

What functions have the VK-450 BT headphones?

Great headphones for everyone, characterized by what they should characterize headphones from the top shelf . They are wireless, but they can also be used traditionally by wire due to the built-in 3.5 mm mini-jack.  Built-in microphone  will allow you to talk freely without taking our hands.

Opakowanie słuchawek VoiceKraft VK-450 BT

 Any device with a Bluetooth module can send audio to your headphones  and in addition, a memory card slot will allow you to enjoy your favorite music stored on the card. Perfect isolation from external sounds will be provided by great-fitting and extremely soft ear pads.

Słuchawki bluetooth K-450 BT z mikrofonem i czytnikiem kart pamięci

 Frequency: 2.4 - 2.48 GHz
 BLUETOOTH range: 10m
 USB: 2.0
 Supported music format: MP3 / WMA
 Supported TF card: 128MB - 32 GB
 FM tuner: 88 - 108MHz
 Microphone: built into the handset
 Speaker: 40mm
 Sensitivity: 115dB
 Impedance: 32Ohm
 Frequency: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
 Rated power: 40mW
 Maximum power: 100mW

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