VK C 66 Bluetooth amplifier, USB 4x gn. microfon


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Voice Kraft

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Do I need an amplifier for this?

Main  the role of an amplifier  obtaining clean and strong high quality sound. It is from the amplifier that the building of your own construction begins audio set.  And the key to choosing the right device is choosing the right equipment to suit your room and have all the functions you need. A properly selected amplifier  will amplify low-power analog or digital signals coming from sound sources such as players, microphones, electronic musical instruments) using active elements.

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 Take a closer look at the equipment we recommend - VK C 66 amplifier.

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Features of the VoiceKraft amplifier

The VK amplifier enables  wireless music player and directly from a smartphone or other external devices with bluetooth function. In addition, we can also connect a USB flash drive or MP3 directly to it. The amplifier has a built-in radio tuner  FM / AM. And four microphone inputs are the opportunity to perfectly sound various events, even in large and spacious places.

 Technical data:

 Max power: 2x100 W
 RMS power: 2x25W
 Impedance: 8 Ohms
 THD distortion: & lt; 0.5%
 Dynamics: & gt; 80dB
 Signal inputs: DVD / USB
 Bluetooth: yes
 Microphone Input: 4 pcs (Large 6.3mm jack)
 Color adjustment: high tones (TREBLE) +/- 12dB (10kHz)
 Color adjustment: low tones (BASS) +/- 12dB (100Hz)
 Microphone Volume Control
 Microphone tone adjustment: high tones (TREBLE)
 Microphone tone adjustment: low tones (BASS)
 Echo adjustment on the microphone
 Additional functions: USB socket
 FM / AM receiver: yes
 Dimensions: 23 x 43 x 8 cm


Color adjustment: treble (TREBLE) +/- 12dB (10kHz), bass (BASS) +/- 12dB (100Hz)
Distortion:THD: <0.5%
Dimensions:23 x 43 x 8 cm
Dynamics: > 80dB
Entrance:signal: DVD / USB, Microphone: 4 pcs (Big jack 6,3mm)
Ech microphone adjustment:Yes
Impedance:8 ohms
Maximum power:2x100 W

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