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Squeeze until the last drop

Wyciskarka do cytrusów Mesko MS 4073

What does it mean that the juicer is manual?

If you have little space in the kitchen or you have a lot of different types of equipment, but you do not want to take it out, fold it, unfold it and wash it, and therefore you often give up preparing a glass of juice. We have something perfect for you. you prepare a portion of healthy fruit juice without the hassle of pulling out all the machinery. One small device, simple, easy to use and clean. Always at hand. Safe enough that even a child can use it. Viewing Mesko MS 4073 fruit juicer . A small cousin of a large juicer. Extremely easy to use and space-saving.

Opakowanie wyciskarki do cytrusów Mesko MS 4073

How does such a manual juicer work?

The cute little one citrus sqeezer has a power of only 40 W. It does not bother her, however, to squeeze the fruit to the last drop. Regardless of whether you want to squeeze a mandarin, lemon or orange, just cut the fruit in half, put it on this small rotating part and press it. The juicer will start to move, turning the shaft inside the fruit, the strainer below will keep the pulp and pips. Thanks to two-sided rotation, the fruit is squeezed out of all the best in it. When you remove the fruit, the juicer stops walking. The protective cover will prevent the juice from splashing around.

Wyciskarka cytrusów MS 4073 z miejscem na kabel

The juicer has a jug with a capacity of half a liter, which makes it possible to prepare a juice for two people. The advantage of the juicer is its size and simplicity of use.

Elektryczna wyciskarka cytrusów widok zestawu


Function:start / stop Automatic
Power:230V ~ 50Hz
Strainer:for the flesh

Product reviews


bardzo przydatna, a przy małych dzieciach już w ogóle. Ogółem 9/10


polecam bardzo dobra!

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