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Toster Adler AD 3201 subtelnie biały

Differences in toasters

Toasters  they roughly fall into four groups. Are  vertical toasters , horizontal, are closed and are tunnel. A common feature for these devices is their intended use, i.e. simply toasting bread.  The most common and most often chosen toaster  is the traditional one. It has small dimensions, and we put slices into it from above. Inside the toaster are electric heaters toast us with bread. Toasters are characterized by various functions and equipment. These  good toasters as a rule, they have power regulation, which allows us to choose the cooking intensity. What else he should have a good toaster ? Stop button so that we can turn off the toaster at any time.

Toster Adler AD 3201 na dwie kromki

Features of the Adler AD 3201 toaster

This efficient toaster  with a power of 750 W. will prepare us two toasts at the same time . Has regulation  toasting power  to prepare toast in a way that we like best. The toaster has a crumb tray that makes it easy to keep the appliance clean, there will be no more debris all over the kitchen counter.

Toster Adler AD 3201 doskonała prezencja, bezawaryjne działanie

 During the toaster operation, the housing remains cool all the time, which increases the safety of its use. The Stop function allows us to stop browning at any time.

Zdjęcie opakowania tostera Adler AD 3201


Button: STOP
Control:toasting power
Equipment:Crumb tray
Power:750 watts

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