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Do you have to buy a very expensive grinder to have a good coffee?

Grinding coffee  is a very important process and one of the key elements of a good brew. Coffee is best to grind just before brewing, coffee previously ground within an hour of grinding will lose 30% of its taste, and then this process proceeds even faster. You don't have to buy a grinder for astronomical money to start with,  just an electric grinder that will allow you grind a portion of coffee  just before serving. Mortar-based crushing was the oldest method of preparing grains. And the coffee was tasty too. However, it is a time consuming and demanding process and patience and strength we advise invest in an electric coffee grinder.

How do you ground coffee?

Electric grinders  are divided into two versions, with blades or crushing shields. We sell today grinder with a double-leaf knife made of stainless steel. The mill has a power of 110 W and a capacity of 57 grams. The grinder works quietly and at high speed.  Coffee thickness  we achieve through grinding time. Let's remember that coffee should be ground while taking a few breaks, during which we can shake the grinder slightly so that the coffee mixes us, otherwise we will not let the coffee get too hot during grinding. Everyone who is a fan of the little black dress must stock up on an electric coffee grinder.

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Capacity: 57g
Knives:double leaf made of stainless steel
Power:220-240V ~ 50Hz
Security: before switching on without the lid on

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