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Elektryczny młynek do pieprzu Adler AD 4433

Which pepper and salt mill should you choose?

Today  pepper mills , they are no longer razors with a crank or a box with buttons. Now grinders are full-fledged decorative elements of the kitchen. When buying a pepper mill, we usually not only look at its functionality, but also pay attention to its appearance. Grinders are made of various materials ranging from steel, through glass, acrylic or wood. They also have different grinding mechanisms,  the burrs may be metal , steel or ceramic. What grinder will be the best ? Choose an electric pepper mill will manual be better?  What can we grind in such a mill ? Or maybe just stop buying ground spices in bags?

Młynek do pieprzu Adler AD 4433 z opakowaniem

What can we grind in an Adler AD 4433 pepper mill?

Choosing a pepper mill  let's pay attention primarily to the grinding mechanism. Because it is this mechanism that depends on the precision of grinding. The best will be ceramic although it may be a little more expensive but it is extremely precise, does not crush the beans,  just shreds them. In addition, it is durable and resistant to damage, and also works very quietly. It is equally important whether the grinder has a milling thickness adjustment . Sometimes we need a spice with slightly thicker granules and sometimes we need pollen. As to whether it is worth buying a grinder, since each spice can be bought already ground, we say that there is no comparison in the taste and aroma of the spice freshly ground with the one packed in the bag.  Freshly ground pepper  whether coriander give an incomparably richer flavor to the dish, besides, you can always be sure what you have grinded. Electric grinder Adler 4433  has a function changes in grinding thickness,  it has ceramic burrs and for those who love spinning and feeling at hand crackling grains combined with the aroma of fresh spice Adler gave the possibility of manual grinding.

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