Adler AD 7906 air conditioner three devices in one

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Get ready for hot days

Klimator 3 w 1 Adler AD 7906

The way to cool - Klimator 3 in 1

Air conditioning indoors is no longer a luxury. Everyone can afford it the more that it no longer has to be an expensive and laborious permanent installation. Now you can buy  portable air conditioner  or air conditioner. If you are looking a way to cool down  and also air humidification  in its surroundings, it's so portable 3-in-1 air conditioner ADLER AD  7906 will be really the best and most convenient solution! This air conditioner will not only cool your hot cheeks, but also cleans and moisturizes the air  throughout the room. Its functionality goes hand in hand with its small size, so it is great for various types of rooms.

Opakowanie klimatora Adler AD 7906

What features distinguish the ADLER AD 7906 air conditioner?

This KLIMATOR  combines three functions: cooling, purification and  air humidification.  It is equipped with a capacious water tank with a level indicator (4 liters). Additionally, there are two special ones in the set cooling cartridges , which after cooling in the freezer and placing in a tank with cold water ensure the supply of even cooler air, which is a salvation on these extremely hot days. We can choose from three ventilation speeds. The oscillation function will ensure an increased range with even airflow around the device.

Klimator Adler AD 7906 trzy funkcje chłodzxenia

 The fan has a small size and low weight, and four wheels and a comfortable handle will allow us to move it quickly and comfortably between rooms.

Klimator Adler AD 7906 panel sterowania

 The panel at the top of the air conditioner is extremely legible and will allow us to quickly turn on / off the device and set the selected speed.

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