Wreath B.45 cm braided wicker natutral gray

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Why are wicker decorations so popular?

Wicker  is so popular, if only because it fits perfectly into any interior. It's extremely beautiful decorative value , especially if it is in colors close to natural. Wicker is grown in wet or damp areas. Once planted, plants provide raw material for weaving for many years. And the wicker harvest consists of cutting the annual shoots just off the ground. Then the shoots are sorted. Few of you know that most of the products found in stores are wicker stripped of bark , from the most beautiful, even shoots. However, those twigs that have some damage are not barked and intended for the production of e.g. green baskets.

 Where will the wicker wreath look best?
 Mostly when we talk  with a wicker wreath  this is our first association; Christmas and door. But let's go beyond our habits and look around the apartment. Such a wreath can be great  base for various decorations  related not only to holidays. All we have to do is add elements characteristic for a given season. It's the same with our garland, it's not just the door background for such an ornament . Table, wall, window, kitchen and even a bathroom. We can get wreaths in various sizes and in different colors only our imagination will limit what we can create from them. The wreath does not have to hang  hugged to the wall. It can hang under a chandelier, stand on a shelf, hang on a chair or lie on a table or chest.

 Wreath B .45 45cm  braided of wicker , dyed. It is difficult to express the color with words and even pictures slightly distort depending on the lights. I would describe this color as a natural shade of brown falling into gray

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