Electric hedge trimmer PM-NE-1800C 61cm 1800W

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Your hedge is waiting for an undercut?

Elektryczne nożyce do żywopłotu 61CM 1800W

What is the most important thing about electric scissors?

Opinions are divided on this point. Some say that the most important is power, because whether we choose combustion or electric scissors  depends how much cutting surface we have and whether we have power in the garden. Others think that the blade issue is very important. We are in favor of this second opinion, blades are the most important thing in scissors . We can choose shears with one-sided blades  or with double-sided blades . With the first ones we get longer cuts while the help of double-sided cutting blades are shorter, but more accurate and cleaner. Let's also pay attention to blade length . The shorter ones will work on sophisticated hedges, and the longer blades will allow larger cuts, and will therefore work on flat and large surfaces.

Powermat PM-NE-1800C z etui

Petrol or electric hedge trimmers?

Petrol scissors  have the most power among all types of scissors. However, they are best suited for large areas, such as parks. They are mobile. Unfortunately, they generate quite a lot of noise and are also heavy. electric  will be the best choice for a private garden. Electric hedge trimmer  The PM-NE-1800C have a two-stage switching system to prevent accidental starting.

Powermat PM-NE-1800C nożyce do żywopłotów

 The shears are equipped with a transparent hand guard made of durable plastic, which increases the user's safety, while the low vibration level and long blade ensure comfortable work. The handle rotation system 45 ° / 90 ° left and right is extremely easy to adjust the handle to your preferences . Shears blades  made of very durable, but also lightweight high carbon steel.
Nożyce el. do żywopłotów Powermat PM-NE-1800C

 The kit includes a blade cover made of thick and durable plastic.

Zęby tnące nożyc Powermat PM-NE-1800C

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