45CM 1500W Powermat hedge trimmers


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You won't shorten your chin with these scissors

Elektryczne nożyce do żywopłotu 45CM 1500W

Are hedge trimmers necessary in the garden?

The garden is such a showcase of our house. Not everyone can see the interior of our apartment, but the garden probably does. It is worth ensuring that he enjoys his appearance. We can grow flowers in it, have beautiful lawns and a fast-growing hedge. And it is for the needs of these bushes that we must look at good scissors . They will be useful not only to the hedge , but they will perfectly keep everything that arbitrarily grows, and where we will not be able to enter the mower. Among the many cutting tools in the garden we find  hedge trimmers , there are electric and petrol and electric scissors.

Elektryczne nożyce do żywopłotu Powermat PM-NE-1500C

Why do we recommend electric hedge trimmers?

Electric scissors  is an ideal friend for undercutting if we are owners of such a medium-sized plot. Great for minor gardening. It definitely better option than petrol cutters because they do not pollute the air, they are lighter, quieter and cheaper. The only thing we have to worry about having such shears is a suitably long cable or extension cord.

Nożyce elektryczne do żywopłotów

 PM-NE-1500C hedge trimmer  Powermat companies are lightweight with a durable construction, and their high power means that the equipment performance is at a very high level. Low vibration and a long blade will ensure effective and comfortable work.

Nożyce do żywopłotu PM-NE-1500C firmy Powermat

Shears blades  made of very durable and lightweight high carbon steel. The two-stage switch-on system installed in them prevents the device from accidentally starting, and the transparent cover made of durable plastic improves safety.

Noże tnące nożyc żywopłotowych PM-NE-1500C


Acoustic level: LwA: 101dB (A)
Engine power:1500W
Power: 230V / 50Hz
Weight:2.4 kg
Working space between teeth: 16 mm
Working length:shears: 450 mm

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