Ride-on bicycle, children's bike B18D2 plus handle

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Rowerek dziecięcy B18D2 zdjęcie z dzieckiem

Tricycle for children over 3 years old. Equipped with a handle that supports driving learning, with which we can turn instead of the child. The handle is removable. The bike will provide unforgettable moments for you and your child. I think each of us remembers learning how to ride a bike. Make it for your child it was a joyful memory.

Rowerek dziecięcy B18D2 plus demontowalny uchwyt

Is buying a tricycle a good idea?

Such a bike as the first bike for your child is a very good choice. You will ask why Because such a bike is stable and safe, it teaches the child visually coordination, strengthens the muscles and increases the child's confidence. When can you put your child on such a bike? First of all, the bicycle should be adjusted to the toddler's height so that he can get on and off the bike freely. Let's never buy such equipment exaggerated. Much will also depend on the child's individual predispositions and skills. Some 2-year-olds are already ready for cycling with pedals, but it is generally accepted that it is best to start learning how to ride a three-wheeled bicycle around the third year.

Rowerek dziecięcy B18D2 dla dziewczynki i chłopca

Tricycle stable and safe.

Our child on such a bike will be able to learn to pedal and control the bike completely independently. Such games allow to teach a child that he sets a bicycle on his own with the strength of his body, without any help from an adult guardian. Ride from Procter has an adjustable handle on the back, which is used not only to guide but also control the bike. The bike is lightweight and has a durable construction. A comfortable seat is comfortable for the baby and the non-slip handles increase safety of play. The wheels are made of soft plastic, the rear axle on bearings. A lamp with sound signals is mounted on the steering wheel. The maximum load of a bicycle is 25 kilos.

Rowerek trójkołowy dziecięcy

 Product features:
 durable construction
 non-slip handles
 comfortable seat
 soft plastic wheels
 rear axle with bearings
 front fender
 lamp with audible signals on the steering wheel
 max. load - 25 kg
 adjustable handle for guiding and controlling the bicycle
 the handle can be removed

Wymiary jeździka dla dzieci B18D2


Control:rear grip to guide and control the bike
Destiny: for children over 3 years old
Execution:soft plastic wheels, rear axle with bearings, front fender
Height: 100 cm, from the ground to the seat - 30 cm
Handle:non-slip handles
Length: 90 cm
Sound:lamp with audible signals on the steering wheel
Use weight: 25 kg

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