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Does your child want to ride?

Rowerek dziecięcy B18D1

Which first bike will be best for your toddler?

Is your child getting more and more mobile? You are looking for a bicycle , walker or maybe a ride? If your toddler is already about three years old, we recommend it  tricycle . Such a vehicle develops mobility  and eye-hand coordination. Child also develops leg muscles  and learns to balance. Such a bike is also a form of physical activity, and a child who rides on such a ride will learn faster  using a traditional bicycle . Tricycles like this one are extremely functional and safe both at home and outside. They do not scratch the floor and do not make noise, and the rounded rubber handles will ensure the safety of your child and your furniture.

Jeździk dla dzieci B18D1

Why is it worth buying a bicycle like this to a child?

Such a toy motivates a child to various activities. Riding a bicycle  these advantages alone will not only help develop motor coordination, concentration or even balance, but also strengthens the condition . Tricycle bicycle from Procter  is a vehicle created with all care for the child's needs. The safety of your child while riding is ensured by the low center of gravity and the wide rear axle. Both durable bicycle design  its light weight and its appearance allow you to take full advantage of this three-wheeled bicycle. The handles are non-slip and the seat is soft and comfortable. Riding on it is comfortable thanks to the wheels made of soft plastic and the rear axle with bearings. The maximum bicycle load is 25 kilos. There are buttons on the steering wheel with which you can turn on the songs and the LEDs light up to the rhythm of the melody.

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