Aerator and scarifier PM-AWS-65

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A beautiful, well-kept lawn is a showcase of your property.

Aerator i wertykulator spalinowy marki Powermat

Scarifier or aerator?

Even the most beautiful lawn after a few years will start to grow worse. And this is due to the fact that we usually care about what is visible on the surface and we should also take care of what is happening underground. compacted layer of shoots and rhizomes  will cause the grass to deteriorate. It will be necessary to remedy this aerator use  and scarifier.

Aerator i wertykulator Powermat, widok od dołu

aerator is a device that great aerates the soil. On the rotating shaft there are teeth or spikes that  puncture the lawn  and destroy weeds' crusts and seedlings. This device can be manual, electric or combustion. While scarification  in other words, vertical mowing, which helps loosen the soil. Cut verifier unnecessary roots  and also removes dead grass, moss, and lawn weeds.

Powermat PM-AWS-65 kosz i paski

Dual function tool for aeration and scarifying the lawn

This device looks like a petrol lawn mower. Of all devices for aeration and soil loosening  can boast of the greatest power. It is efficient and effective due to the fact that it does not have to be connected to a source of electricity. Aerator - Scarifier  combustion Powermat PM-AWS-65 is powered by a 195cc GX200 internal combustion engine with 6.5HP. The working depth of the device can be set in eight positions. Wheeled wheels reduce rolling resistance, making it much easier to maneuver.

Aerator i wertykulator w jednym, zdjęcie wałków

 Thanks to two separate rollers we can perform aeration  and scarification  separately, we scarify mainly in spring and autumn, while aeration is a process performed more often. The set includes two additional drive belts.

Powermat PM-AWS-65 Aerator i wertykulator spalinowy

 The work rollers mounting system is very simple and therefore reliable. The rollers are changed by unscrewing only four screws and removing the pressure clamp.

Powermat PM-AWS-65 aeracja i wertykulacja

 The 40-liter basket is made of durable material, resistant to weather conditions and plant enzymes, it is also resistant to deformation due to the use of a steel frame covered with anti-corrosion coating. Durable and easy-to-use basket mounting and dismounting system, all you have to do is lift the rear cover.

Powermat PM-AWS-65 zdjęcia szczegółów

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