Closed garden grill with flap Q43C3

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Grill ogrodowy zamykany z pokrywą

Which grill is most often bought?

Present grills are no longer just a bowl, a grate and two legs, present grills have everything you could dream of  summer grilling . But if you are not a meticulous, pedantic and extremely demanding cook, then the grill we sell on this site will meet all your requirements. Extremely functional with cover , wheels and extra shelves has all this, what we need for grilling.

Grill Q43C3 zdjęcie na tle ogrodu

The cover protects the food  before scorching, it helps to evenly roast even the larger pieces and protects the roast in the event of brief and sudden rainfall.

Grill Q43C3 ruszt ze stali chromowej

Grill with cover and wheels

ergonomic grill on wheels , with a cover and convenient shelves. Solid construction of sheet metal with a thickness of about 10 millimeters, which has been additionally powder painted. The enamelled bowl on both sides increases the service life of the grill.  grates  made of chrome steel, additionally they have comfortable handles for easy carrying. The whole is resistant to high temperatures.

Duża powierzchnia rusztu grilla Q43C3

 Side shelves are useful for keeping all the products and products you need close at hand grill devices  and the bottom shelf is the perfect place for coal and blower and poker.

Zdjęcia szczegółów grilla

Grill is large, so there is no problem with preparing more dishes at once.

Zdjęcia z różnych stron grilla z pokrywą


Dimensions:2 shelves: length - 22 cm x width - 30 cm, bottom metal shelf: length - 43 cm x width - 30 cm
Diameter: grate: 44 cm
Height: 90 cm
Shell:bowls enamelled on both sides (increased durability compared to ordinary grills)
Thickness: sheets: approx. 1mm
Width:102 cm

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