Q43C2 Deluxe closed garden grill


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For some, the barbecue season lasts all year

Grill ogrodowy zamykany plus akcesoria

Are you looking for a good grill? You've come to the right place

Setting off on a shopping expedition in search of  perfect barbecue  sometimes we don't realize that there is a difficult path ahead. The present grills are not only the hearth and grate, it is now a higher driving school. Grills are small and large, with or without covers, they have air vents and temperature regulation, they are coal and gas, they are foldable, hanging, on wheels or solid legs. But if we have no intention grilling  with a hundred people, we will not prepare the whole pig on it, that's enough for us decent garden grill  with double grate and cover.

Grill Q43C2 Deluxe na tle ogrodu

 Why  we recommend a barbecue with a lid ? Why do we toll on double grates?

Grill Q43C2 Deluxe zamykany

What is a better grill with a lid than without?

Grills with covers  are gaining more and more popularity. They are much more effective in preparing various dishes. The cover makes our products  they bake evenly  on all sides and they are not in danger of burning out. When the flames suddenly burst, just close the lid and the fire dims.  Lockable garden grill  Q43C2 Deluxe is a super solid construction, neatly made with enamelled bowl on both sides. There are adjustable holes in the lid and in the coal basin, which are used to control the air flow and hence the temperature.

Grill Q43C2 Deluxe na ogród i taras

 Double grates  made of chromed steel means long life and high temperature resistance. One grate with a large surface and the other smaller one slightly higher are the possibilities of baking more products and keeping heat in already baked dishes. The shelves on the sides of the grill are ideal for storing food products and accessories needed to handle the roast.

Grill ogrodowy Q43C2 Deluxe widok rusztów


Dimensions:second rack: 40x30cm, 2 side shelves 44.5cm x 36cm, bottom metal shelf 67.5 x 46cm
Diameter: frame tubes: approx. 32mm, grid 54cm, bowls 56.5cm
Equipment:A set of barbecue accessories for free
Shell:bowls enamelled on both sides (increased durability compared to ordinary grills)
Thickness:sheet metal: approx.1.1mm
Width:total: 130cm

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polecam solidna konstrukcja, kółeczka nie ruszają się we wszystkie strony


polecam bardzo porządny grill!