4-wheel trailed garden trolley. Opening sides

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This is not a doll's cart

Wózek ogrodowy O4 4-kołowy

A cart or a wheelbarrow?

There is always something you need in the garden or in the yard next to the house  transport from place to place , we transport earth, wood, tools, debris, garbage or cut bushes and branches. And for such tasks we need a means of transport. For smaller items, we need a wheelbarrow, but when transporting a large amount of material it is necessary truck.  As a rule, they are much larger and  more roomy than wheelbarrows.

Wózek ogrodowy z otwieranymi burtami

 With such a pram you will be able transport even very heavy ones  and bulky items, you will save strength, protect your spine and save a lot of time.

Praktyczny wózek ogrodowy do przewożenia ciężkich ładunków

Four-wheel transport device - garden trolley

Such garden trolley that we sell here is extremely convenient transporting device . It is very stable and the side walls protect the load against falling out. It is pulled with a handle on a long boom. The garden trolley has off-road, rubber and bearing wheels, thanks to which it quickly and easily moves over uneven surfaces in the garden. The truck is capable work with a load  up to 400 kg! Take it easy heavy loads  type; sacks with soil or fertilizers. It was made of the highest quality materials. The durable metal construction of the entire trolley was powder painted. And folding side boards provide convenience of use.

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