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Wzmacniacz audio Voice Kraft VK-338 USB

If you are looking for a good amplifier, we recommend the Voice Kraft VK-338 audio amplifier

VOICE KRAFT  focuses on innovative technology combined with classic design. Audio amplifier  Voice Kraft VK-338 has 5 channels, remote control, USB socket + SD card reader, and this gives us the ability to connect a USB flash drive, MP3 / MP4 player (when playing MP3 files, you can choose a song by track number) or even a mobile phone as separate sound source . Two microphone inputs  with separate volume control and ECHO effects. Perfect for clubs, restaurants, for home parties, for karaoke and for stereo 2.0 and home cinema systems 5.0 (Speaker columns on other pages of our store).

VK-338 USB panel przedni wzmacniacza

Features of a good amplifier

Thanks to the VK 338 amplifier  you will now be able to connect wirelessly, e.g. with a telephone via bluetooth. Thanks to the infrared port we can control the whole remote control. On the back amplifier panel there is an additional RCA input for connecting a CD, DVD or e.g. keyboard to the amplifier, and thanks to the additional speaker outputs, additional SURROUND speakers and a CENTRAL speaker can be connected. When connecting the amplifier, do not turn on the power before connecting all the cables, remember about the behavior polarity of the connected speakers  (plus the amplifier to the plus of the loudspeaker, minus the amplifier to the minus of the loudspeaker) by not following this rule you will get unnatural sounds. The important thing is also being attached to this amplifier speakers  they should have an impedance of 4 Ohm - 8 Ohm (equal for left and right channel columns). Also remember to always connect two columns. Connecting only one of them can damage the amplifier.

Panel tylny wzmacniacza VK-338 USB

 Front amplifier panel:

 1) 2 microphone inputs
 2) controlling the volume of the microphone inputs
 3) ECHO for microphone inputs
 4) BASS regulation
 5) TREBLE regulation
 6) display
 7) USB / SD player control
 8) USB socket
 9) micro SD card slot
 10) volume control
 11) infrared port for the remote control

 Back panel:

 1) antenna
 2) RCA signal input
 3) speaker jacks
 4) 230V power cord


Distortion:THD: <0.5%
Dynamics: > 80dB
Frequency: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Impedance:speakers: 4- 16 Ohm
Maximum power: 2 x 75W; 2 x 20W; 1 x 30W

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