2RCA-2RCA Voice Kraft VK 7100 1.5m cable


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VK 7100 1,5m
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Kabel 2RCA-2RCA 1,5m Voice Kraft VK 7100

What are RCA cables for?

RCA  is the abbreviation for Radio Corporation of America, which introduced the connector on the market in the 1940s.  Wires  these were used mainly to enable the connection of mono turntables with amplifiers. Now this cable is commonly called  cinch , is a cable for both audio and video. We meet with various RCA cables , they differ, e.g. by the number of connectors. Although currently  RCA connections  are displaced by more modern HDMI, we still use cinch links in many devices.  We can use RCA cables  by connecting a home theater system and various types of players or e.g. game consoles.

Voice Kraft VK 7100 kabel czincz

Want to send good quality stereo sound?

2RCA-2RCA connection cable  Voice Kraft VK 7100 1.5m is a product that you can use  send stereo sounds  in the best quality. The presented connection cable will find its place in modern home theater systems as well in AUDIO systems . The design of the cable is a high-quality material, which not only gives us sound transmission without interference, but significantly increases the reliability and resistance of the cable to destruction.


Cable length:150cm
Connector:made of elastomer with soft RCA plugs
Execution:from 99.99% oxygen-free copper insulated with polyethylene foam
Resistance:for destruction

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