Voice Kraft VK 7900-2 active speaker system

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VK 7900-2
Voice Kraft

Do you want a rock burst?

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What to look for when buying loudspeakers?

We don't want to scare anyone, but selecting columns  you would need to know if a three-way design is better than a two-way design and for example, should the impedance be low or high? Speakers with membranes  aluminum will be more bass than those of paper or polypropylene, let's also think about the transmission line, cooled dome ... Relax, these are questions for connoisseurs and experts on the subject. You must answer much simpler questions. You want to use  columns for listening to music  whether to publicize film screenings ? Where will your speakers stand and with what equipment will they work? What sound do you want to get? And finally, what budget do you have?

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What is important in column speakers?

each speaker  consists of a housing, speakers and a crossover. They have one  built-in amplifier  to others you have to buy it separately. Active set 2 columns MDF  Voice Kraft  has a built-in amplifier, they also have a USB / SD player, BLUETOOTH, FM tuner, 2 RCA signal inputs and 2 microphone inputs. The speaker enclosure is based on the MDF construction, which is an important feature, because as we know, the enclosure is a home for speakers, so it should be properly made, it must be deaf, not play and not resonate. And that's how it is Voice Kraft loudspeaker housing These speakers are innovative technology, modern design and clear sound.

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Technical data:
- Line: 7900
- Black colour
- Type: Active front speakers
- Column type: 3-way, Bassreflex
- RMS rated power: 200W
- Music power: 130W
- Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHZ
- Rated impedance: 4Ohm
- Efficiency - 76dB
- Column dimensions (mm): 1150x325x240


Column:two, front, 3-way, Bassreflex
Line: 7900

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