NEW20-32mm mandrel tube welding machine 4 dies

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How to connect pipes together?

Installation with plastic pipes  is a very economical and effective solution. There are no problems with corrosion or lack of flexibility. However, for such installation to be solid and durable, it must be properly combined. And for the connection to be permanent, we should do it with the right tools. We are talking here about pipe welding machine . This welder creates very durable connections due to high temperature. When buying such a device, we must pay attention to several important elements. Temperature control is an extremely useful function. Because the time and temperature of heating depends on the thickness of the tubes  and from the composition of the material from which they were made.
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Perfect joining with a mandrel welding machine

Consistent and homogeneous  pipe connection  will ensure their proper welding. However, before we proceed  to work with a welder  check that all parts are clean and degreased. IN mandrel welding machines , such as GEKO G81032  the heating element of the attachment is a round bar. This welder together with a set of dies  is an ideal tool for working with various pipes. Different pipes, different diameter.  Geko welder  has temperature regulation, which is a very important option in the case of a welding machine. Some of the materials cannot be welded in excessive heat, so the welding machine should allow us to adjust the temperature to the materials with which we are currently working.  Welder's power it's 1000W, thanks to which we will do the work much faster, because the welding machine will heat up in just a few seconds. Using this welding machine you will connect thermoplastic pipes  (polypropyl, polyethylene, etc.) quickly and without any risk of leakage.
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 Product features:
 temperature control 0-300 ° C
 heating matrices covered with a layer of Teflon
 working range 16-32mm
 high quality
 the whole set in a metal case

matryce o rozmiarach: 16mm; 20mm; 25mm; 32mm

 Kit Contents:
 1000W heating element
 dies sized 16mm; 20mm; 25mm; 32mm
 Allen key
 metal suitcase


Operating range:16 - 32mm
Size:dies: 16mm; 20mm; 25mm; 32mm
Working temperature:0-300 ° C

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