Jack 1x2 RCA Copper Blow 91-240

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Rozg.Jack: WT.3,5ST-2GN.RCA z przew.15cm

Plug, socket, jack cable, do you know these terms?

These are terms that each of us has already heard. Jack cable  most often it is used to transmit an analog audio signal, it was invented in the 19th century and was already used in telephone exchanges at that time.  Jack plug  it has the shape of a long pin, on which there is a sleeve, ring and nose, which are separated from each other by contacts. And such a splitter differently Audio Splitter  it's nothing but 3.5mm jack splitter  for two same sockets. Simply put, it connects two audio devices to one source. Thanks to such a splitter, we can connect e.g. two pairs of headphones for one sound source.

Rozgałęziacz Jack 1x2 RCA miedź

What MiniJack cables are available on the market?

The following cables can be found on sale  MiniJack ; 3.5 mm minijack cables  - 3.5 mm minijack (plug - plug), 3.5 mm minijack cables - 3.5 mm minijack (plug - socket), 3.5 mm minijack cables - 3.5 mm x 2 minijack (plug - socket), 3.5 mm minijack cables - 3.5 mm x 2 minijack (socket - plug). We sell on this page  3.5 jack stereo plug  on 2 RCA sockets . Do not buy Jack on a long cable because these wires are susceptible to various interferences, so the shorter the cable, the better the reception. The Premium series has been made with special care, it is a solidly made cable of perfect quality materials.

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