Ravanson FX-7001W deep fryer

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Who doesn't love fries?

Frytownica Ravanson FX-7001W

Deep fryer versus traditional frying, what will win?

Crunchy fries can anyone resist them? Thanks  fryer  we can make them at home quickly and easily. They will definitely be healthier, tastier and cheaper than those bought in the city. Don't be afraid of the amount of oil you need to fill the deep fryer , because if you follow a few recommendations, you can reuse the oil. The first rule, do not leave oil inside the fryer . Drain through a strainer into a bottle, of course, once it has cooled down! If we want french fries  bake chicken , shrimp or other equally aromatic dish, let's throw a piece of bread into the fryer, it will collect all the smells. Let's use everything in the fryer care evenly that no smells come out of it for the whole apartment and that with one go we have a lot of beautifully browned dishes.

Zdjęcia otwartej fytownicy Ravanson z koszem

Which deep fryer should you choose?

If you like  traditional fries  and other deep-fried foods, bet on traditional deep fryer . You will not only prepare fries in it, but also roast cutlets, potato slices, pieces of chicken and other flavors. staff Ravanson FX-7001W fryers  is extremely simple. Pour oil into the container, warm it up, and then pour in the fries. It's excellent and functional fryer  in white. It has 2000W power. The bowl's capacity is 2.5 liters, the bowl is made of stainless steel. The removable oil container makes it easier for us to keep the deep fryer clean. A window built into the lid allows you to assess whether the fries have already browned properly. The indicator light will show us if the device is ready for work. French fries basket  can be hung in two levels.

Opakowanie frytownicy Ravanson FX-7001W


Cover:Large window in the lid, Automatically opened
Function:Power and standby indicator lights, Manually lowering and raising the basket
Power:220-240V 2000W
Tank:Built-in oil tank
Weight:2.1 kg

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