Oil radiator 11 ribs Ravanson OH-11

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Grzejnik olejowy Ravanson OH-11

Which radiator should you choose?

In our subjective opinion, oils are the best to warm up a room. Oil heater  works on electricity. It is a portable device, it can have legs or wheels, which makes it easy to move the radiator to other rooms. Oil heaters are quiet, the heating substance is oil . When the heater is turned on, the oil heats up thanks to the heater located at the bottom of the device. Such oil heaters are economical because they have a large one heat storage capacity . After warming up keep warm for a long time  slowly putting them outside. Without unnecessary installations, you plug it into the socket additional heat source .

Panel sterujący grzejnika olejowego Ravanson

What to look for when buying an oil heater?

The most important when buying an oil heater  it's his power and the number of ribs. The smallest heaters have several fins, the largest several. The next important thing is whether the heater has a thermostat ? This is a great saving, after heating up to the right temperature the heater will turn off. Oil radiator of a reputable brand Ravanson  it has 11 fins, weighs less than 8 kilograms and has wheels that make it easy to move the radiator when needed. The thermostat will help save energy and the protection will protect the radiator from overheating. Heater power  it's 2500 Watts.

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