Car vacuum cleaner A40A Deluxe 12V

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Small equipment for big work

Odkurzacz samochodowy 12V A40A Deluxe

Why do you recommend this car vacuum cleaner?

Small and portable car vacuum cleaners,  is the perfect choice for every driver, such vacuum cleaners are great at cleaning car nooks . Quickly and effectively clean up cluttered upholstery and draw in dust from every corner under the seats. And what it should be like car vacuum cleaner ? It should be small, shapely, comfortable and light. Procter vacuum cleaner  The A40A Deluxe is just that, it is powerful, effective and reliable. Bet on car vacuum cleaner A40A Deluxe and you certainly won't regret it. The effectiveness of this product is guaranteed by Procter.

Odkurzacz samochodowy w opakowaniu

What parameters does the Procter A40A Deluxe vacuum cleaner have?

Car vacuum cleaner  Procter A40A Deluxe is powered from a 12V car lighter. It weighs less than half a kilogram, but it can handle any dirt. The length of the power cord is 210 meters, so it is easy to maneuver the vacuum cleaner. The A40A Deluxe vacuum cleaner has a narrow nozzle that is perfect for cleaning hard to reach places , Great cleans cavities between the seats . With this Delux vacuum cleaner you will clean up the whole car , even liquid liquids. Easy to transport and store thanks to its small dimensions - only 32 centimeters in length.

Odkurzacz samochodowy zasilany z gniazda zapalniczki


Dimension: 32 cm x 8.5 cm x 10.5 cm
Power: 12V
Power cord:210cm
Switch:On / Off

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