Keyboard, foldable USB K471 flexi

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Flexibility is an advantage

Klawiatura giętka, zwijana USB K471 flexi

Which keyboard should you choose?

Going to the store for a new one  keyboard  you do not realize how wide selection the keyboard world will offer you. If you are from those who know exactly what their keyboard should have and what you should have then you can donate the rest of the text. The text is for those who are wondering if it's so soft flexible keyboard  will it do its job? Such keyboards have their supporters and have opponents. For some, the disadvantage is how the keys are very low , and others praise the lack of wrist fatigue with prolonged typing on such keys. One does not bother the sound of clicking on the keyboard and others prefer their knocking to be in complete silence

Klawiatura zwijana USB w opakowaniu

The biggest advantage of a flexible keyboard

Whoever would not talk about keyboards is a problem for everyone maintaining the keyboard impeccable cleanliness.  We all know how bothersome they are sticks between the keys  and how the keyboard can clear up. And a keyboard like the roll-up one Flexible K471 Procter  it will always be clean. All you need to do is wash it under running water. The keyboard is made of high quality silicone. It is fully dust and water resistant . Clicking on it will not annoy anyone because you can't hear it at all. Packed in an aesthetic box, it can be a perfect gift.

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