Kruger & Matz Street BT bluetooth headphones white KM0623

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Bezprzewodowe słuchawki KM0623

Which headphones are the best for listening to music?

Do you like listening to music on full? Or maybe you are an addictive TV series viewer? Or maybe you like running, but you must have contact with the world? Then you need comfortable, good headphones . The ones that won't limit you with a cable, which will be comfortable and won't be a hassle for your ears, and those that will allow listening to music from various sources . We have such a miracle just for you.

Kruger&Matz Street BT white

Kruger headphones & Matz  it's light, comfortable and comfortable headphones.  In beautiful white color with decent ECO leather. Additionally Street BT headphones  they have one more big plus they have folded earmuffs . The set comes with a durable case in which it will be quite comfortable to transport headphones.

Kruger&Matz Street Słuchawki bluetooth

What makes Kruger headphones & amp; Matz?

Soft and durable ear padding with beautiful white ECO leather, controllers and microphone in ear muffs , these are just some the advantages of these headphones . There are no cables with them, which is extremely comfortable.

Słuchawki Street BT zdjęcie poglądowe

 We can listen to music from various sources on them, and if we do not have any laptop, tablet or even a smartphone at hand, we can listen to music from the micro SD card. KM Street BT headphones  they are because they have a micro SD card slot. A microphone and a button that receives an incoming call is a phone call option without having to reach for the phone.

Słuchawki bluetooth KM0622 z czytnikiem kart pamięci

 See the video presentation:

 The headphones have a range of up to 10 meters.

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