LED bulb 2.2W GU10 REMI SMD-WW 180lm 14946


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Żarówka LED 2,2W GU10 REMI SMD-WW 180lm

How to read the markings on the bulbs?

Standing before a choice LED lighting  we face a dilemma right away, how to choose a light bulb  with the right parameters, what to consider when choosing it and how will the properties of such a tube overlap with traditional incandescent bulbs? And that's what they are for markings on each bulb . Although for most of us they resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs, but we will try to bring you this topic. The most important thing in LED lighting is not determining the wattage, here it is the most important luminous flux power  given in lumens . The larger the number next to the letters lm, the stronger the light will be. If you do not know how strong this light will be, you can convert, for example, 15 Watt to 136 lm, and 25w to 220 lm.

Żarówka led KANLUX 14946 w opakowaniu

What does the letter K mean in the bulb designation?

The letter K is  Kelvin  (K) he constitutes color light definition  (shade of white). The color temperature of the light in the range from 2700 K to 3000 K corresponds warm white , and the range from 5000 to 6500 K corresponds  cold white  or in other words - daily. And what color should you choose? It depends on your personal preferences. The next designation on the bulb is GU10, and it is simply the designation of the universal attachment for a light bulb operating at 230VA.  LED lighting  will be a great investment. It will shine very long and sparingly. This bulb we sell here today small bulb , for use in hoods and other devices. In places where there is little space for the light bulb


Assembly thread: GU10
Light flux:180 lm
Light color:3000K - warm white
Power: 230
Power: 2,2W

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