Bailong BL-1898 zoom flashlight, signal baton

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Open the veil of darkness

Latarka Bailong BL-1898 zoom + batut sygnałowy

Are you looking for a flashlight? We recommend the Bailong tactical flashlight

No matter if  you need a flashlight  for home use, whether you intend to go with her after dark for short walks or if you need a flashlight for longer trips to the forest, this flashlight will meet your opinion in all circumstances. Because all in all  what we expect from a flashlight ? It is supposed to shine, it should be well-made, waterproof and comfortable, and all that is more than the additional advantages of a flashlight. Bailong flashlights  they are just that, and they also have features that other flashlights don't have. And all this, for an amount that does not undermine your budget.

Latarka z diodą CREE XM-L3-L3

 This flashlight is a great purchase for yourself, but also great gift idea.

Wymiary Bailong BL-1898

What functions does the Bailong BL-1898 flashlight have?

Bailong BL-1898 flashlight  is equipped with the following LEDs: CREE XM-L3-U3, and the module electronics used in it give the possibility to choose one of  five lighting modes:
 - 100% power
 - 50% power
 - 25% power
 - Stroboscope
A flashlight  was made of high quality materials, the housing is aviation aluminum covered with anodized coating. A flashlight has a zoom function  (Sliding-rotating). The o-ring gasket system ensures that the flashlight is waterproof and the ergonomic and comfortable handle covered with a non-slip surface guarantees a firm and firm grip in your hand. It can be powered from the mains and connected to the lighter in the car, and it can also be equipped with batteries. Included with the flashlight signal cap.

Latarka Bailong BL-1898 zdjęcie opakowania i zawartości

 Set contains:
 Brand new classic flashlight model 1898B
 Signal overlay
 4.250 4.2V battery
 Car charger
 AC charger
 Original packaging
 VAT invoice or receipt (warranty basis)

Bailong BL-1898 CREE XM-L3-L3 z nakładką sygnałową

 Length: 16.5cm
 Length with outstretched zoom: 18.5cm
 Diameter: 4cm
 Back diameter: 3cm
 Lens diameter: 2.5 cm

Latarka Bailong BL-1898 z funkcją zoom

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