Rectifier and starter 12 / 24V 20-350Ah Dedra DEP030

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In winter, start-up is the most important thing

Prostownik z rozruchem 12/24V Dedra DEP030

What is the battery start function for?

What are they for?  rectifiers , probably every driver knows  when the battery falls  thanks to such a device you will move from place. And what is the start in the rectifier for?  Rectifier start function it is always useful when  the battery runs out to the very end  and for him to move something must kick him hard. Therefore, in our subjective opinion, if you are looking for a rectifier then think about whether or not it is better to buy immediately  rectifier with start function . Winter is coming, the batteries will rain like flies, why seek help around the world if you can do it yourself? You do not need to have special skills to use a rectifier with start-up, you only need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Prostownik z rozruchem Dedra DEP030 w opakowaniu

The specialist advises to the dead battery only a rectifier with a starter from Dedra

Rectifier with start up 12 / 24V 20-350Ah Dedra DEP030 is quick help for discharged batteries, even those discharged to the end. Small, neat and compact. It has  quick charge function  and boot up. Built-in current indicator makes it easy to use the charger. A convenient cord pocket makes it easy to store the charger.

Prostownik z rozruchem Dedra DEP030 zdjęcia real


 - 12V / 24V
 - Fast charging Boost Function
 - Compact Cover Compact
 - Port For Wires cable pocket
 - 20-350Ah

 Startup 12V / 24V 130A:
 He: 3 seconds
 Off: 120sec

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