5 knives stainless steel ceramic coating PM-ZNK-5-G

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A good knife is a sharp knife

5 noży stal nierdzewna powłoka ceramiczna

Why are ceramic-coated knives the best?

How important is it? a sharp knife  probably all of us know in the kitchen? This is the basis of every food preparation. With a blunt knife, you can not cut it, it is very easy to cut with it. And why slicing is recommended  knives with ceramic coating ? Because ceramics do not react with vitamins and substances contained in fruits and vegetables, cut food does not stick to ceramics, knives with ceramic coating they do not absorb the smell of the processed material and are definitely more resistant to damage. Extremely sharp retain this sharpness for a long time without requiring frequent sharpening. Such set of knives  can be a perfect gift.

Noże Powermat PM-ZNK-5-G

A set of POWERMAT knives will please everyone

A set of POWERMAT knives , model PM-ZNK-5-G has a universal purpose. This  perfect knives for use, everyday and for everything. Thanks to the material and technology in which they were made, the knives are extremely sharp  and hard. They will give advice even to soft products like tomato or cheese. The highest quality stainless steel  covered with an admixture of ceramics is a guarantee of resistance, sharpness and healthy preparation of dishes. Laser sharpened  do not require sharpening for a very long time.

Opakowanie Powermat PM-ZNK-5-G

 - The knife block is elegance and practicality


 - 3.5 "scraping knife
 - 5 "peeling knife
 - Universal cutting knife 8 "
 - Bread knife with 8 "teeth
 - Chef's knife (for chopping) 8 "
 - Elegant block for knives

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