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What input are we most often missing?

Rozdzielacz USB z czterema gniazdami marki Quer

Don't be limited, buy a USB hub

What input do we most often miss on our computers? The most commonly used connector, i.e. USB.  Through this input, we connect more and more equipment, mice, cameras, telephones, cameras. How to deal with this problem? Very simply, just buy USB hub . You have no idea what that is? Hub is nothing but connector splitter . We connect this little thing to the USB in the computer and receive  additional USB ports . The amount depends on which hub we choose. These splitters differ in the number of inputs and whether they are passive or active. Passive is a stand-alone device powered by a USB port while an active hub needs external power.

Hub USB Quer H306 KOM0750 w opakowaniu

Does this hub affect the speed of data transfer?

cluster  does not affect the speed of data transfer. Transfer speed depends on the supported standard, is it USB 2.0  or 3.0. Who is most useful for such a hub? It will be especially useful for those who need more inputs and their computer has sockets at the back and it is a bit harder to get to them. What they have a notebook with only two sockets and in addition they are so close together that it is difficult to connect something there. And what do those who want to connect to the tablet and mouse and keyboard do? Not to mention all those connected to the printer, external drives, modems, etc. And for these people the hub is a salvation.


Cooperation:from: XP / VISTA / WIN 7 / WIN 8 / WIN 10 / MAC OS / LINUX
Usb port:2.0 - up to 480Mbs

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