Wooden Christmas tree decoration. LED backlight 1c 35cm


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Feel the closeness of Christmas

Podświetlana ozdoba drewniana 35cm

Create a unique atmosphere with these glowing wooden decorations

The whole climate of the world at home is the smell of cakes, the aroma of roasted meat, a dressed tree in the corner of the room and various various types of warm light  glowing decorations . If you are looking for something not flashy, subdued, introductory Christmas mood , this type of decorations will be perfect for you. They fit perfectly into the current of ecology and minimalism.  Wooden decorations  they have more and more followers because they are tasteful, delicate and very natural. Bet on simplicity, beauty, uniqueness and ecology.

Podświetlana ozdoba choinka led

 We present you with beautiful wooden Christmas decorations , on this page you can buy LED Christmas tree.

Podświetlana ozdoba choinka zdjęcie opakowania

Wooden LED Christmas tree

Impressive, 35 centimeters high, made of wood, illuminated for public holiday.  The Christmas tree is illuminated by 10 LEDs. These are long-life, non-heating diodes, which makes them very safe for the environment.  Christmas tree lights 6 hours from the moment of switching on, after this time it turns itself off. Powered by batteries, which are included in the set. The decoration was made precisely from ecological materials. The product is FSC.org certified and this means that wood leaves the FSC certified forest, which guarantees that certified companies throughout the entire supply chain meet the highest standards, so as to be sure that they were made from raw materials from responsible sources. In this way, FSC certification helps you make ethical and responsible decisions when shopping.

Stylizacja z podświetlaną choinką led

 On other pages of the store, also different patterns and shades of wooden decorations . Some of them in the photo below.

Różne wzory drewnianych ozdób z podświetleniem led


Execution:wood (for interior)
Height: 35 cm
Lighting:10 LEDs (0.45W) with a warm color
Power:3 AA (1.5V) batteries, which are included in the set
Timer:6 hours. After switching on, the ornament lights for 6 hours, then goes out and lights up again at the time it was lit.

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polecam bardzo fajna klimatyczna ozdoba i wszystko w zzestawie jest nic więcej tylko postawić ;)


szybko dostarczone! Polecam!

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